Taking the First Step… One Step at a Time

It’s a new week! So many of my colleagues, clients & friends find it difficult starting the week, or even starting the day. Often we overthink it, instead of “just” doing. Yes, the “just” is often the challenge, and may sound easier than it is.

The key to getting started and to getting things done, is to, to break down your time and goals into simple, easy, doable steps (one step at a time), instead of feeling overwhelm or a lack of motivation. Trying to fit in too much at a time, or to setting too many goals at once, may result in the opposite effect, one where you feel like you’ve achieved less, rather than feeling empowered or successful.

A couple of quick tips:

* Set up to 3 goals at a time – doable S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time related)

* Write it down

* Tell another person – for better accountability

* Use a vision board (highly recommended)

* Create a buddy or business group accountability system, where you check in with someone

* Choose from different time management tips below to reach better productivity:

– Write down your tasks, and work according to priority only (the ABC method)

– Break your task down into short, easy, doable steps

– Use the 15 minute rule or Pomodoro technique (short 25 min intervals to get tasks done). Take a break, then repeat the cycle a few times

– Eat the frog rule

– Pre-planning – it saves time, rather than takes time.

So what are you waiting for? Choose 3 goals you can get started on right now! One step at a time…

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