Why work with me?

It’s simple…

When you work with me you will Build & Brand your Business and Yourself! You will reach the goals you set out to achieve! You will see results! Together we will identify who your target market is, and discuss the best strategies to reach them! You will feel more confident & satisfied to conquer the world!

Let’s do it together!

Most important, I’ve been there and done it, just like you have done in the past, are presently doing, or are aiming to do! I can identify with the stage & level you are at now, and will guide and assist you on how to move forward to the next stage & level in your business, career, goals and development.

I’ve run my own business for over 25 years, and have “been there-done it”. I know what your challenges are, have learnt the ropes via success, as well as via trial and error, have gained a ton of experience and many contacts along the way, and can advise you too!

I‘ve assisted, coached and advanced business owners, companies & organizations for close to three decades in Building & Branding their Business and seeing results! I’d love to assist you too!

I’ve coached and worked with individuals who were contemplating their next step, were debating which direction to take next, and are now on their way to great things!

I am energetic & passionate about my clients & their success – It becomes infectious and it’ll help you advance yourself, your goals & your projects.

I’m your one-stop solution of a business coach, consultant & trainer who has simultaneously advanced hundreds of small businesses via my group training, workshops and one-on-one consulting on business & self-development…Both face to face and online.

I’ve advised & advanced hundreds of businesses, companies, organizations, individuals & government offices of all sizes with their branding & promotional requirements, having direct access to thousands of low-cost promotional items & ideas, many of which are unique to my company.

I’ve connected a large amount of small & large businesses & organizations with clientele & leads via business networking groups which I created, coordinate and facilitate.

My background of over 34 years of sales, marketing & consulting experience uniquely prepares me for the combined areas I can assist you in moving forward with.

You have a deadline? I’ll ensure you meet it! I’ve never missed a deadline in over 25 years of being a business owner, and in over 34 years of being in the business, consulting & sales world!

Need someone organized & self-motivated to assist you with challenges & meeting goals? I’ll guide you through the process, am here to cheer you along the way & will help you track your activities, your successes & areas to improve.

Need peace of mind & focus? I pay attention to detail, and will assist you in doing the same & in taking care of every aspect

Some of the words which my group participants have used to describe me…

Empowering, Sharing of knowledge, Leader, Professional, Thorough, Capable

Supportive, Encouraging, Calm, Non-judgmental, Brings people together, Generous

Read below how some of my clients feel about working with me or attending any of my workshops. I’d love to assist you & help you advance your business!

https://lesleykaplan.com/testimonials/ המלצות מלקוחות עבור לסלי קפלן

One of the many ways we can work together…