FREE ONLINE Business Strategy or Goal Setting Coaching Meeting. For business owners or individuals (where eligible)



During these challenging times for Business owners and Individuals in Israel, Lesley Kaplan and AACI invite you to a FREE ONLINE Business Strategy or Goal Setting Coaching Meeting *

Who is eligible: Men and Women of all ages. Independent business owners, Wannabe business owners, Stay-at-home Moms, Students or Seniors who are looking for assistance to improve their business or personal results, careers, lives, and pursue & achieve their goals and vision.

The ONLINE coaching session will be coordinated to suit your schedule, and will be provided by Lesley Kaplan, Founder & CEO of  L.A.K. Creations & Consulting – “Build & Brand your Biz”.

Lesley is a Business Strategy, Branding & Goal-Achieving Coach, Consultant & Trainer. For more than three decades Lesley has advanced, coached, empowered and assisted businesses, individuals, organizations and teams in identifying, setting, pursuing and achieving their strategy & goals, by using tools, systems & marketing methods to improve their results.

Time management tips and strategies, which activities to best focus on according to your needs, how to achieve balance and momentum, and clarifying the correct direction according to your present situation, are some of the many areas included. 

Lesley has a BSc. and M.A. (Summa Cum Laude) in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (specializing in Coaching and Consulting) and Certification as an Organizational Consultant. She is the author of two business books which will be published this year on Amazon.  

* For individuals or business owners who live in Israel, qualify, & who have not yet received individual coaching from Lesley, nor previously inquired about it.

* Limited number of Coaching sessions available. Recipients will receive one free coaching session.

*Acceptance to the program, or the continuation of the program will be at the full discretion of the organizers. This community offer can be discontinued at any time.

* Sponsored by AACI & a generous grant from the Reinhard Foundation

To be considered for a FREE Business Strategy or Goal Setting Coaching meeting, CLICK HERE TO CONTACT LESLEY for further info, whereupon you’ll be sent a short questionnaire to fill in.


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