Five Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What is my mission?

2. Who is my client (target market)?

3. What does my client value and need (i.e. what problem am I solving)?

4. What is my plan (strategy) to reach my client (online & offline)?

5. What is the outcome/result? (How does my client benefit from my service or product)?

Once you’ve answered these, look to expand on your answers…

Remember… Not everyone is your client!

Know who you’re servicing, and who really needs and can benefit from your services or product. If you think EVERYONE is your client… you’re not only likely to be set for failure… You also won’t know where to invest your time, energy and money. 

So before you open your doors for trading, ensure you have the answers to the above questions (or get assistance to reach these answers) in order to maximize your success!

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