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Business owner, organization or wanna be business owner? When we work together, you’ll see results! You will develop tools and strategies to grow, reach your goals & move towards your vision. You’ll feel more in control. You’ll know what to undertake & when to say no. Personal & tailored to suit your needs and pace. Face-to-face or virtual. 

Business owner? Starting a business? Not a business owner, but looking to advance in your life? Doing well, yet with strategic coaching & consulting you’ll shine! Struggling? Looking to move in a new direction? With my guidance in Building & Branding your Biz, you’ll see results! You will develop tools and strategies to grow your business, reach your goals (short term & long term) & overall vision. Personal & tailored to suit your needs and pace. Face-to-face or online. My passion and more than 34 years of business experience in advancing individuals and processes will help you move forward! I’m at your service!

Whether you need assistance in brainstorming methods to operate more efficiently & determine your strategy, whether you’re looking how to gain more paying clients and leads, whether you’re not sure how to define your brand, niche / target market or whether you’re looking for ways to scale your business or organization into becoming larger and reaching a wider clientele… I can assist you. Need assistance with sales, branding, product management, goal setting, time management & more…? You’ve come to the right place!

Or if you’re not in business and need assistance in being more focused & goal oriented, being more organized and in time management… That’s what I do!

I’ve been running a service and product business for more than 25 years, and am familiar with all the challenges involved in starting & setting up a business, planning & choosing a strategy, identify who your real client & target market is, analyzing & perfecting your online & offline marketing plan, overcoming objections, and lots more… I can identify with you directly… and that’s why I can help you! Are you looking to start off on a new journey, & need direction, advice and someone to “hold your hand” in order to get started the right way? I’m here for you!

After an initial discussion, together we’ll ascertain what best suits your needs – weekly, bi-monthly or monthly scheduled meetings (face to face or Zoom) or calls, as well as an optional maintenance program. I’ll be giving you original material with exercises to analyze your business, clientele & strategy. Part of this we’ll discuss and cover in our session. You’ll be taking home many ideas to then think about & clarify, which we will discuss further in follow-up meetings. And following our meetings… I’m here for you to answer any questions!

Let’s talk… I’m here for you!

Read how my clients have benefited from our working together:

You may be entitled to two subsidized online coaching meetings, from the comfort of your home! Take advantage of two 60 minute subsidized meetings to get you started (or started again if you’re looking to boost your business or reinvent yourself following COVID-19). Highly subsidized by AACI Jerusalem!

Are you feeling fear, anxiety, uncertainty, dread or panic right now? Or perhaps some of the above, but also partial excitement due to new things you’ve started during this period? Has this period made you stronger, better & more creative? Or has it weakened you & you’re not sure where you stand? Are you thinking of reducing your monthly or annual goals… Or do you believe you can make up what you perhaps lost during this time?

AACI Jerusalem recognizes the importance of offering guidance and assistance to small business owners. Due to a grant secured for Israeli businesses like yourself or if you require assistance in bouncing back from COVID-19 and are not in business. AACI – the organization you’re familiar with – which for many years has recognized the importance of offering guidance & help to Olim, business owners and the English speaking community.

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