What my clients & group participants say… I look forward to working with you too and accompanying you on the road to success!

המלצות עבור לסלי קפלן

“Lesley Kaplan has opened a whole new world of marketing, expanding my business, and growth to my life. I highly recommend Lesley. With her insight, goodness, intuition, and savvy she shows a great and powerful way to move forward” (R.K.)

“It was a pleasure & a privilege to work with you! Halevai that world-leaders and politicians would have your fantastic ability of understanding & guiding all types of people and personalities! ” (R.L.)

“You are a beacon that keeps me going forward with confidence that I have a good sounding board and direction.” (S.B.)

“You are a powerhouse of energy and get things done.” (S.K.)

“You have and continue to always, build community. It’s inspirational & beautiful…. and direly needed.” (M.A.)

“You are high quality, smart and have a razor-sharp business vision” (D. O.)

“Lesley’s class superbly prepared me for business by creating within me a foundation of “why & how” to do business. Each hour was information packed and engaging. I built my business through her interactive exercises and worksheets. All of my ideas & suggestions were addressed in the content of the class. Lesley is a consummate professional. I’m eternally grateful”. (Y.K.)

“Lesley, I adore working with you and you are a major reason for me to keep my perspective even when the doubts arise !” (S.B.)

“You are the most experienced and trustworthy business advisor I know!” (C.G)

“Lesley is such an amazing coach! Each session that I left, I felt alive and motivated to push forward and take my new business to the next level! She gave me such priceless tools and helped me get my goals more specific and reachable. I highly recommend her to anyone at any point in their business. It is truly a blessing to have had these sessions and I also feel like I made a friend!” (M.W.)

“Lesley YOU were awesome – always keeping things flowing, intelligent questions, and just overall mastery of what you do – thank you so much”. (R.K.)

“Just to make you smile, I got up dressed davened and switched on my desktop pc for the Monday Motivation…. You are doing important things and I love that you are keeping the group upbeat. I am in another group of friends and have had to mute it as it is pulling me down. Keep up your brilliant work Lesley, you are making a difference”. (S.F.)

“I participated in this workshop & I can recommend it. Lesley has a lot to offer and the small group setting is very conducive to getting a lot from the experience. Thank you for all your guidance, help & encouragement. You consistently went “beyond the call” in trying to make sure that every participant had the best opportunity to gain the most possible benefit from the workshop. It was wonderful to witness the growth that we all experienced, especially in seeing different perspectives that were shared in the group in a very respectful way, & also the positive support that was shared amongst all the participants. ” (B.J.)

“Lesley Kaplan is a very special woman – and coach. She is knowledgeable, wise, approachable and sincere. Caring, always makes herself as available as possible to all the people who call upon her.” (L.B.)

“Lesley you are an incredible light, teacher and inspiration. Thank you for your guidance and patience” (R.R.)

“You are the best decision I ever made” (S.B.)

“Thank you so much for the knowledge and the confidence you instill in each of us, in your amazing, “Build and Brand Your Biz”, women’s networking group”. (N.B.)

“I have greater clarity in my business and what I need to do, I feel more organized and am thinking about my branding more (and understand it better now)” (M.G.) 

“Thank you for all your expertise, dedication & coaching. Your optimism was contagious & gave us all the push we needed, even when times were tough! Thank you for always being passionate & giving and doing with all your heart!” (A.F., Real Estate Professional)

 “Great facilitator and has tremendous business wisdom which she shares generously. I’ve learned so much each time I’ve joined her events.” (N.W.)

“You are a model of success to me.” (B.L.)

“Being part of Lesley’s Build your Biz Mastermind group has turbo charged my efforts to build my ergonomics consulting business. Lesley has created a supportive, safe and stimulating environment for each of us to work on our business. She is very responsive to the group’s needs and presents content based on what we want. I highly recommend any program that she puts together” (E.B.)

“Thanks for a great session as usual. Lesley Kaplan you are a true inspiration and mentor” (L.M.)

“This is why you are one of the best mentors I’ve ever experienced” (Y.K.)

“I adore working with you and am grateful that you have continued to be such a significant presence in my journey to advance me in the world” (S.B.)

“Lesley Kaplan’s gatherings provide achievable take-aways for the participants that make your life and business better! If you’re an entrepreneur, I recommend that you SUBSCRIBE to Lesley’s newsletter and join the events that speak to your life or work situation”. (H.D.)

“Thanks for organizing such consistently great programs!” (F.R.)

“I highly recommend Lesley Kaplan. She has caringly helped me and numerous other aspiring entrepreneurs move forward to realize our business goals” (C.B.)

“Thanks again for keeping us all on track. I’m really enjoying learning from each other, not to mention the accountability! ” (E.B.)

“It is so wonderful how you use your networking talents and business wisdom to enrich us all. What a great gift!” (R.S.)

“I really appreciate you! You always make time to listen and you treat me like a friend. It’s quite special” (D.M.)

“It has been a privilege and honor to work with Lesley over the years in the AACI Jerusalem’s Professional Women’s Network. With Lesley’s competent and consistent facilitation and expertise, I and many others have gained valuable information for business growth. Now with corona restrictions, recent Zoom Information and Networking sessions are even more valuable” (S.A.)

“I really enjoyed the networking group this evening and you have a natural talent for your craft” (S.B.)

“I recently joined Lesley’s Build your Biz Mastermind Group and am blown away by the support and sisterhood of the group. Many have reached out to me privately to welcome me, to offer help, to ask for help and have recommended me to others” (M.A.)

“This is the 2nd workshop I have participated in with Lesley. Her advice is always clear, concise and logical. I feel that I can ask her anything & she knows exactly what to answer. The Whatsapp group is wonderful to get insight from others, give advice back & it keeps one on their toes. I am definitely more confident in my business decisions, and continued workshops could only be beneficial to me. Thank you Lesley for sharing your wealth of information.” (S.R.)

“Thank you for all your assistance. Without you for sure I wouldn’t have succeeded and I wouldn’t have gained any of the knowledge I now have. You taught me so much. Thank you again!” (R.S., Real estate agent)

“All the good I knew about you or had experienced has just been expanded. I feel very lucky to learn from you, and grow from your knowledge, support and experience.” (R.K.)

“Just a compliment… You’re amazing! You really keep us hopping. It’s one of my 1st groups that I’ve joined and found USEFUL!” (P.R.)

“Thank you for your encouragement and experience to progress in our dreams. Thank you to all the amazing women in this group who have made the experience very worthwhile.” (E.S.)

“I have been in business for over thirty years and in one session, Lesley literally changed my life. I have often had a major challenge with prioritizing some of my business and personal activities and always found the whole process very overwhelming. After using her ABC formula, it is like I discovered vanilla ice cream.” (D.F.)

“The objections part you did was very helpful. I just had two consultations with people & they both agreed to sign up for a minimum of 3 sessions. I made it clear that we would need to start with min of 3 sessions and they got it! Thank you.” (M.B.) 

“Lesley advised me to rewire my quotes. I did. I sent three out the new way. The first one came in positive! Waiting for the next two now. Thank you Lesley.” (R.K).

“Amazing workshop! Thank you for an inspiring evening. I went last night and took away a lot of tools that I have already started implementing! Thank you again, Lesley! You are a wonderful speaker!” (L.S.) 

“Where would I be without you? How many people have you exposed me to? How many beautiful memories we share? I’m forever grateful to you” (Y.K.)

“Lesley – There are no words for how to express my gratitude for all your time, efforts, patience and kindness. So much to remember from all what you have done for me! You have accompanied me in my first steps in this new field.…” (S.K., Real Estate agent)

“Wonderful session led by an innovative group leader and businesswoman” (R.K.)

“I found the workshop helpful in becoming more organized & focused. I also found most helpful the feedback within the group and Lesley’s always encouraging manner. This greatly helped my self-confidence, regarding what are for me the difficult aspects of my business. Goal setting was especially useful.” (T.M.)

“Lesley assisted me, personally, in developing a clearer focus on my target market. A goal which every business needs. Thanks Lesley!!!” (R.T.)

“I’ve learnt a lot and am still learning. It’s been such a worthwhile experience. Thank you.” (N.B.)

“You are a great mediator! You’re really good at keeping people on task and on point.” (S.S.)

“Great course! Lots of useful information in a fun & supportive environment.” (J.V.)

“I highly recommend the Business and Self-development workshop with Lesley. It was very practical and was very helpful for me to take my business to a higher level.” (E.W.)

“I have observed Lesley at work and she is a rockstar! She is kind, assertive and motivating.”  (S.P.)

“Just want to give a shout out to Lesley Kaplan for being an amazing business coach and giving me her time ( even though we finished our sessions) and a new perspective on something that came up. Thanks again!!” (Sasha Gorelik, Amazon Copywriter)

“I gained many things from the course. Making a signature on my email, asking my retailer for a business deal which I got, more confidence with pricing, ideas and comments from group members. Thank you for all your energy and input”. (M.S.)

“Thank you so much for giving your heart and soul to us. For being a star and for teaching us to shine.” (P.R., Real Estate agent) 

“Lesley is a warm and very clear consultant to women in business” (J.M.)

“I definitely started to think of what I do and myself as more of a business person. My friend even commented that my thought process has changed.” (S.R.)

“Lesley taught a Personal Development Course for Emunah Women in the Spring of 2014 for women in the process of opening and operating businesses. I found her to be organized, knowledgeable and informative about the Israeli marketplace. We learned strategies for managing time, balance sheets, social media, marketing and business strategies. The best part for me was Lesley herself – with her support we grew as business owners and developed confidence in ourselves. We accomplished so much each week and in the end we had all of the foundation work done and information to begin to make our dreams a reality. I cannot recommend Lesley enough. I know I have only begun to benefit from all that Lesley knows and I am eager to consult with her as my business begins to grow stronger” (Yael Kaner, BubbieOnCall)  

“You presented a very interesting and worthwhile Time Management Workshop last night – it was useful and encouraging. You gave us practical tips and tricks to work on that we can immediately put into practice. ” (M.M.)

“Your workshop was very helpful in developing clarity and focus for myself as a small business owner.” (T.M) 

“Lesley creates a professional, warm, dynamic environment, addressing everyone’s passion for their work and for building their business. (N.J.)

“Lesley, you have been an inspiration to me for over a decade” (L.S.).

“Thank you for your worthwhile workshop. I can see I have a lot to learn and to apply!” (N.B.)

“Thank you so much Lesley. I will implement your wise ideas. The group has brought me so much.” (R.K.) 

“Lesley you are amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to you on Zoom” (L.I.)

“Love your calming energy” (N.J.)

Branded Promotional Products – Some of our many satisfied clients…

“Thank you so much for the speedy delivery and excellent service. I can’t wait to see them and look forward to offering your Torah sweets at my son’s Bar Mitzvah!”  (Nathalie F., Switzerland) 

“From the moment I first contacted you I was impressed by your quick and friendly response, and continued to be pleasantly surprised by your professional advice and service throughout the entire process of designing and ordering the benchers. Thank you for making the experience a hassle-free and enjoyable one, I love how they came out, and will let anyone who is having a simcha know that you are the bees knees in regards to benchers and party favours.” (Y. Silver, Raanana)

“I am always impressed by your high standards of customer service and your attention to detail – I will happily recommend you!” (S.M., Jerusalem)

“Lesley – My cheerleader. I love the positive energies you bring everywhere.” (A.K.)

“The benchers arrived and they are gorgeous!!! Thx so much for all your help and I will be sure to spread the word about your business and how great it was to work with you! Of course, the benchers speak for themselves, but it was truly a pleasure to work with you and get to know you.” (Carolyn D, PA, USA)

“Lesley at L.A.K. Creations is your best choice! Great service, honest, on time and very reasonably priced.” (Yoni F.)

“It’s all beautiful!!!! Thank you Till next time…” (Suri F, Beit Shemesh)

“The benchers are really lovely. Thank you for your excellent service and work.” (Orit T. Petach Tikva)

“You were amazing. Thank you so much for giving me excellent customer service from beginning to end. We will definitely use your services again in the future. All your follow up phone calls were VERY helpful!! Thanks again.” (Elana)

“Thank you for the amazing service – I will be sure to recommend you to our bnei mitzvah and wedding grps.” (Elaine L, USA)

“Thanks so much for all the care and attention – and great service. It was really a pleasure doing business with you, and we will hand out the beautiful benchers you produced to our family and friends with pride!” (G.S., Sydney, Australia)

“We received the chocolates and candies. They turned out beautifully. It was a pleasure doing business with you.” (L. Odesser)

“Thank you for being so gracious and professional… I KNOW I did the right thing choosing you!” (Z. Menasche)

“We received the shirts and coveralls today, and they look fabulous.Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you. Will be in touch for future projects.” (Karen, Acoustic Eye)

“I just wanted to thank you for a job well done. The gift baskets were perfect and the wrapping on the knapsacks was also great. Everyone was excited to get presents when they arrived to the hotel. Thanks again.” (Y. Fein, USA)

“I have you saved in my favorites file for future use….You did a great job and quickly..That is hard to find….I am indebted to you for the fast, friendly and great looking product…” (Douglas A Steckbeck, TN, USA)

“We received the magnets today and we just wanted to tell you how much we love them!!! They’re terrific – they are going to look great in our mishloach manot. You have great service, shipping was quick – so far, the best vendor we’re using in this project!!!! Thanks again.” (Lana Steiner, USA)

“They are both so beautiful and your expediency is so appreciated. Thanks again for your creativity and beautiful cover.” (S. Barth, Beit Shemesh)

“Thank you for your excellent service.” (Linda Lawrence, Emunah Geulah Netanya)

“Thank you for your excellent follow up” (S. Vanberg, Belgium)

“They are beautiful! Our designer is very happy too. When we want more bookmarks or other magnetic presents, I know you’re a fine and reliable address.” (Annet Knol, The Netherlands)

“Thank you for the quick response to my inquiry. I did not expect to receive an answer so quickly, also with very personal attention.” (Chana M.)

“Thank you – the Benchers arrived today and they are gorgeous. You were a lovely person to deal with and I shall pass your name onto all our friends both here and abroad. It has been a pleasure working with you and I wish you continued success in the future. Thank you.” (M.R., Netanya)