Managing Challenges & Getting more done – especially now!


We all face challenges at some time or another. Some of us manage these challenges better than others, and granted, not all of us face equal challenges at any given time. In addition, some of us have developed better coping mechanisms over the years than others.

Challenging times like what we’re facing now in COVID-19 are new to us all! 

Let this challenging time be put to good use! Let’s grow from the process! Let’s utilize this time correctly! And most important, stay healthy!

Here are some tips & thoughts which will assist you in not only managing challenges, but which will also give you direction in how to get things done!

  • No-one likes change. No-one likes social distancing. However, besides doing our best to ensure we stay healthy, YOU and I, and only YOU and I, can control our thoughts, speech and how we allow this time to pass


  • We may not be able to control what happens around us. We can, however, control what type of mood we are in when we wake up in the morning & when we’re interacting with our families and with the outside world. We can choose to be proactive rather than reactive – not only for our own good, but also for the sake of others. By reacting positively, we’ll also be better role models to our spouse, families & clients, and will thereby be assisting them in the process.


  • Whether you’re an independent business owner or a salaried employee, a large part – or all – of our monthly income has been reduced right now. We all have “ups” & “downs”. It is however possible to make an effort to limit our “downs” to a short period, and to learn to pick ourselves up quickly. WE decide whether we want to be the “half glass full or empty”, despite the situation around us! Our success is determined, not only by whether we have “ups” or “downs”, but by how we manage them & how quickly we jump back up again!


  • Look around and appreciate all the good you have in our life and what you are grateful for. Make a list. Pin it up on a whiteboard or on your refrigerator. Do it as a family project. Tell others!


  • In addition to looking after yourself & your family, this is THE time to reinvent yourself! To try new things. To do the things you haven’t had time to do. To take online courses.


  • If you’re an independent business owner, this is the time to look at your business strategy and determine new avenues to investigate, which you may not have thought of, not had time to develop, or been too nervous to try. If you’re an employee, do what you can to learn new skills to become more employable!


  • This is the time to think about, look at, and plan your systems, re what’s working, what needs fixing (adjusting) or what’s not working.


  • Whatever we take on now is here to last – even after COVID-19. New systems you decide to implement, things you thought you didn’t know how to do, & more. We may go back to many of our previous activities & systems once this has passed, but we’ll be continuing to do the new things too. Ask yourself “What can I do to improve myself, my life and my business?” Start it (or start learning about it) NOW!


  • This is the time to think about your past successes and what you actively did to achieve them. It’s also the time to think about any past failures or areas you’d like to improve in, and to think about what you could have done differently.


  • This is the time to mix with positive people. Anyone negative in your same home you may not have a choice to be with right now… Try spending more “time” with the positive people in your life via social media, phone calls, etc. (Of course not at the expense of being there for those around you).


  • If you’re fortunate to have family with you right now, instead of wishing for a quiet moment alone (it’s possible to do so if you plan correctly), take advantage of your time together and let it count for something. Take on activities which allow for bonding in the home, have a planned schedule where you decide on activities together & utilize some of the time management techniques below – it’ll make all the difference!


  • This is the time to focus. Find a time in the day where you can do so. It’s also the time to be consistent and not just let the days pass by… Undertake to do a task and JUST DO IT! Taking action & getting things done will improve your mood and mindset! Procrastinating? Ask yourself why – Is it the task itself? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? Ask for help. Or if you don’t require assistance, decide on a starting point and GO!


  • Time management techniques, such as the “ABC” rule, “15 minute rule”, or the “Eat that Frog” rule will assist you in getting more done. These are great for individual or for joint family goals & tasks. In the “ABC rule” tackle all your urgent or higher priority A items first, before you tackle the B’s or C’s. Even if an A item takes longer, get started with it first. If you don’t complete it now, at least you’ve started it, which will then make it easier for you to continue later. For the “15 minute rule”, focus entirely on a single task (or batch of tasks) for 15 minutes. Don’t allow anything to interrupt you – share with others around you that for the next 15 minutes you’re not available. Set a timer. For yourself and for them! The “Eat that Frog” rule involves taking care of urgent/important items first thing in the morning, before you tackle anything else. It’ll also set a good tone for the day, knowing you’ve crossed it off your list. Batching similar tasks together is also a great time management tool which will save you time. And no less important… if you find you’re wasting time, record and analyze your time (there are great apps out there to help you do so) so you can then change & improve it.


  • Make your lists as you did before when you were leaving the house – Enter things to do into your app or Google calendar, rather than letting the days simply passing by with putting our “fires” only. This is the time to think about, plan and start acting on your short-term goals, long-terms goals & vision. Pre-planning actually saves you time!


  • This is the time to practice & perfect your elevator pitch, so when you start meeting people again or networking, you’ll have it all ready.


  • This is the time – yes, I’m especially telling myself this – to start (or maintain) exercise & a healthier eating routine.

Uplift your mood & productivity during challenging times by making every day count, by planning your day the evening before and by focusing on completing tasks.

YOU & I can do it! I know we can!

© Lesley Kaplan is passionate about life and enhancing people & processes. She assists businesses, organizations & individuals with consulting, coaching, training & development, promotion, sales and branding. She is the Founder & CEO of “L.A.K. Creations & Consulting” and “Build Your Biz with Lesley Kaplan”.