6 Session “Pick-me-up and Boost your Biz” Workshop. Join at any stage & receive worksheets & slides from previous sessions

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Great Business Development Opportunity!

Small business owner? Are you feeling fear, anxiety, uncertainty, dread or panic right now? Or perhaps some of the above, but also partial excitement due to new things you’ve started during this period? Has this period made you stronger, better & more creative? Or has it weakened you & you’re not sure where you stand? Are you thinking of reducing your monthly or annual goals… Or do you believe you can make up what you perhaps lost during this time?

Six Session “Pick-me-up & Boost your Biz” Workshop for small business owners!

Choose whether to invest in your business for ONLY NIS 99 !!!!

AACI Jerusalem & “Build your Biz with Lesley Kaplan” invite you to join us in our “Business Pick-me-up & Boost your Biz” workshop. Highly subsidized by AACI Jerusalem via a grant for Israeli business owners like yourself. Take advantage! Limited numbers!

Practical, small, intimate & fully interactive online group. Just like in the past, we will be putting a cap on the numbers so that the group is small to allow for your maximum participation!

Whether you’re jump-starting your business, whether you need a business-pick-me-up or whether you’re doing great & would like to boost your business even more… This is for you! Let’s do it! Let’s get rid of the uncertainty! Let’s work together to build more certainty in areas we can control! I’ll show you how you don’t need to reduce your goals… Even if you lost two months of work…

Join us for six consecutive weeks, either on Monday mornings (9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.) OR Tuesday evenings (20:00 – 21:30 p.m.)

ONLY 99 Shekels!!! Yes! ONLY NIS 99 !!!!

This is the fourth time we are offering this workshop, following three successful seasons! New topics! Fresh material! New ideas! All adapted to the changing world & reality we live in.

Register here: https://lesleykaplan.com/register/

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So, what will NIS 99 get you following the FREE workshop?

● Six weekly 90 minute online business group sessions

● Business exercises and analysis sheets which will be emailed to you for use, both before & after the sessions. You will be able to look back & analyze this information for years to come

● Gain ideas & tips from other like-minded business owners in the group, with full co-operation & interaction

● Follow-up meeting 2 – 4 weeks after completion of the six sessions

If for some reason you miss a session once you’ve registered, you’ll still receive the written materials and an update

What topics will be covered?

Direct ways to get more leads & clients  Techniques to overcome objections & closing the sale  Ways to overcome my business challenges  How to avoid the mistakes why many businesses fail  How to be different to my competitors Who are my real clients & competitors How to perfect my Elevator Pitch    Ways to grow my business  How to plan my business strategy Social media marketing & what I need to know to be more effective  How to ask for & get the prices I deserve How to track my numbers & leads  How to achieve my goals How to get more done in my day & manage my time better How to pick myself up when things aren’t working as I plan & more…

Why join this course?

 For the content which you’ll be able to apply to your business & life… and see RESULTS!

 For the knowledge, experience & networking you will gain from other business owners – their successes and mistakes, so you can learn what to repeat & what not…

 For the knowledge I will share with you of 34 years experience in sales, marketing, coaching & consulting – 23 years of it being a small business owner who’s been there & done it like you

 For my passion to work hand-in-hand with you in moving yourself & your business forward

Register here: https://lesleykaplan.com/register/ or contact me for further details: https://lesleykaplan.com/lesley-kaplan-contact/

If you miss or missed a session, make it up with one of the other sessions. I’ll also send you the worksheets and slides from a session you missed – So what do you have to lose… ONLY NIS 99!

Do it NOW and guarantee yourself a place!

Share with others you feel will benefit from the group work and business building

I look forward to seeing you!



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