Three Mindset Shifts to Create your Business Breakthrough

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AACI Jerusalem ONLINE Professional Women’s Networking Forum

Sunday, February 7th from 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Topic: Three Mindset Shifts to Create your Business Breakthrough

Our current model of success can be the exact thing that is holding us back from achieving even greater levels of success. How can we shift this? Every time we set a goal for our next level of success, we begin to put a plan into action to get us there. When we get there, we decide on the next goal and the next. It works for a while and can take us quite far. In this process we develop our model for success and we become attached to it, believing that what has worked for us until now will continue to work and build our successes going forward into the future. And then… We experience the plateau. Why? It’s in our mindset.

In this talk you’ll discover the 3 mindsets that drive us to shift gears, break the plateau and continue moving forward in our levels of success.

Speaker: Daphna Horowitz: The CEO Coach and Author of Weekly Habits for Extraordinary Leaders – How to master your mindset, inspire your team and elevate your business. Daphna is also the host of the Leadership Live podcast

Facilitator: Lesley Kaplan: Consulting & Coaching ● Branding ● Strategy ● Training ● Development ● Group Facilitation Founder & CEO of “L.A.K. Creations & Consulting” and “Build your Biz with Lesley Kaplan”  

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