Mastermind Group

I established the Build your Biz Mastermind group for Women in business during COVID-19, which has been running successfully for two years as an online group (with occasional live meetings), and has an active Whatsapp group. It has enabled, and continues to enable a dynamic, motivated group of business women to advance their businesses, set and achieve goals, learn from each other and to collaborate!

From October 2022 the group will move from the Zoom platform to become a unique Whatsapp group, where members will continue to have a platform to express themselves, feel confident to ask questions about their business, share their social media posts which will generate more exposure, and much more… It is an intimate group, where we brainstorm ideas to monetize your business, find solutions to your challenges, give you honest feedback and advice & ensures you move closer towards achieving & maintaining your goals by having accountability.

In our Mastermind group you’re not just a number… We share your successes and challenges. Your success is our success! Your growth is our growth!

Build your Biz Mastermind group members talk…

“Lesley Kaplan has opened a whole new world of marketing, expanding my business, and growth to my life. I highly recommend Lesley. With her insight, goodness, intuition, and savvy she shows a great and powerful way to move forward” (R.K.)

“Being part of Lesley’s Build your Biz Mastermind group has turbo charged my efforts to build my ergonomics consulting business. Lesley has created a supportive, safe and stimulating environment for each of us to work on our business. She is very responsive to the group’s needs and presents content based on what we want. I highly recommend any program that she puts together” (E.B.)

“Thank you so much for the knowledge and the confidence you instill in each of us, in your amazing, “Build and Brand Your Biz”, women’s networking group”. (N.B.)

 “I’m not sure I would be where I am today if I had not invested in your Mastermind” (M.A.)

“I love your balance. I’ve gained so much from the group. It’s the best group I’ve ever been in!” (L.K.)

“Since joining Lesley Kaplan’s Mastermind group, I have gained SO much both professionally and personally! The mutual support is invaluable” (C.G.)

“What an amazing group you’ve put together! It’s way beyond a business group… It’s a group of sisters! Thank you” (G.S.)

“Lesley you are an incredible light, teacher and inspiration. Thank you for your guidance and patience” (R.R.)

“…With Lesley’s competent and consistent facilitation and expertise, I and many others have gained valuable information for business growth…” (S.A.)

“How do I begin thanking you for offering me a circle of amazingly talented women to befriend, to confide in, to learn from, to be supported by, and to support,  under your guiding light, business coaching and individualized attention. Having made aliyah, Jan. 2, 2020, this was my Zoom social life and professional life development, as I gained the skills to reinvent myself on this side of the Atlantic. Thank you, Lesley! Keep strong!” (N.B.)

“I recently joined Lesley’s Build your Biz Mastermind Group and am blown away by the support and sisterhood of the group. Many have reached out to me privately to welcome me, to offer help, to ask for help and have recommended me to others” (M.A.)

“Wonderful session led by an innovative group leader and businesswoman” (R.K.)

“Thanks for a great session as usual. Lesley Kaplan you are a true inspiration and mentor” (L.M.)

“The group is great & so very supportive… The added accountability to do what I say I’ll do, as well as fresh ideas popping up when in a group” (L.S.)

“I really appreciate all that you put into the Mastermind and the lovely, motivated, helpful people you bring together. I have benefited greatly” (R.S.)

“Wonderful experience being a part of the group. You’re a terrific facilitator and brought together a lovely group of women”. (G.S.)

● Gain from the tips, experience, support and the listening ears of other Women in Business!

Be the first to know about workshops & events before we advertise to anyone else. This will allow you to pre-register & reserve your place first for events where participation is limited

 ● Telephonic & Whatsapp support and business tips from Lesley Kaplan and other group members

● Reduced rate for one-on-one coaching / consulting sessions with Lesley Kaplan (contact me separately for details if this is relevant for you now or at any stage)

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