Brand Loyalty – How honest are your Communications with your client?

How accurate & honest are your communications with your clients? Does this enhance loyalty to your brand (you, your business) or do the exact opposite?

Last week I was in a shopping mall which gave me food for thought for this post. A salad bar had an image of a large salad advertised for NIS 29. When it came to paying, the cashier announced it was NIS 39. Directly behind him on the wall was the identical size bowel image showing NIS 29. When clarifying it, he said “no that’s for the small salad”. However the small salad bowel was a totally difference shape, and it was absolutely clear it was false advertising (other customers there also commented).

Did I get a good feeling leaving the place? No! Would I be loyal to them or recommend them? No! Will I buy there again? Not sure (BTW the service was bad too – but that’s for another post).

Brand loyalty is not a given! It’s like tipping a waiter – you need to earn it!

Make sure all your communications with your clients are 100% transparent & honest (never mind loyalty, think of ethics too).

And remember… A dissatisfied client may not always complain to you. They’ll tell others and will be left with a negative feeling. And you may not even know it…

Ensure your clients leave with a positive feeling and want to come back for more! That’s how to generate real brand loyalty! Remember… you are your brand!

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