Brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is a much spoken about topic.

As a small business owner… We aim to create not only client satisfaction and return clients, but more than that… client satisfaction AND loyalty.

What is brand or client loyalty? “Brand loyalty is when a customer continues to purchase from your company, not because you’re the only option, but because they trust your company”.

Your emotional connection to them, your reliability, how good / trustworthy you, your service or your products are, how much value you provide, how much you REALLY understand their needs, and even your social media presence, all make a difference re your brand loyalty.

If your client is loyal to you and to your brand, even if someone else offers lower prices, better discounts or reward programs, they’ll still come back to you. It’s all about client perception. How they SEE you, your service or your product! Aiming for LOYALTY and being the BEST you possibly can is what a successful business is all about.

Ask yourself… How loyal are your clients to you? Why should they remain loyal to you? What value & level of service do you provide them with that validates their loyalty? Have you “earned” their loyalty? What can you do to ”earn” it more? Go through your client database list and ask yourself these important questions… Analyze and grade each client to determine (how you envision) their level of loyalty? Ask yourself how you can increase a particular client’s level of loyalty?

Does your business have a loyalty program? Is a loyalty program suitable for your type of business? If so, brainstorm all possible ideas NOW on what type of loyalty program or incentives would work for you! Remember… The most successful loyalty programs offer more flexibility, and do not only include offerings from within your own company. Think of who or what you can co-op with in order to add value to your own business.

And if you don’t have an answer, make that your #1 task this week.

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