Measure & Change

Many of us adapted / changed our businesses (and successfully!) to Covid 19. Many panicked, had difficulty adapting, or weren’t able to adapt at all.

What one thing in your business (or your life) if you changed, would shoot you to a different level?

Do you react to, respond to or initiate change? Do you ignore it? Or do you reject it?

What opportunities have you lost or are passing you by, by you not responding positively to, or initiating change?

Are you monitoring / measuring your stats in your business? Remember… “What gets measured gets managed” (Peter Drucker).

If you started measuring more, would this lead to the change you’re aiming for?

By simply asking yourself the above questions, you’re allowing yourself to open the door for positive change!

Now is the perfect time, erev R”H to start measuring / changing and acting upon those goals! And I’m here to assist you when you’re ready to start…

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