Great Brands don’t just happen!

As we know (or do we…) our brand is not only our logo, colors, cartoon character, or tagline – Just as important, our brand is a promise of value. A promise to deliver excellence, reliability, and expertise in whatever we do and offer.

As always, but in particular now, ask yourself what ADDITIONAL VALUE can I start offering my clients (i.e. from now).

Even if you’re already offering great service, make it better. Already giving feedback? Add an element to make it even better. At every point of contact with your clients, ask yourself how you can be better!

Making the commitment to do that little bit more at each and every stage… Will differentiate between a good brand and a great brand. Wouldn’t you want your brand to be associated with the “GREATS”?

© Lesley Kaplan is passionate about life and enhancing people & processes. She assists businesses, organizations & individuals with consulting, coaching, training & development, promotion, sales, strategy and branding. She is the Founder & CEO of “L.A.K. Creations & Consulting” and “Build Your Biz with Lesley Kaplan”.