What’s in a name ? Tips on how to determine the best name for your Business, Course or Program

Choosing a name for your new business, course, project or program is not always simple. For branding, social media, marketing & advertising purposes, it’s recommended to have a name which others will come to recognize, and which suggests (or gives a hint at) what you do. When choosing a name for your business, course, program or project, take into account the following:

  • Is your name easy to remember? Easy to pronounce?
  • Use a name which is simple, yet creative
  • Make sure the name doesn’t exist elsewhere – Google it, check in different databases, check on social media platforms, check with website registrars, and most important, check there’s no trademark on the name. If you do find the name exists, see when it was last used and if it’s still active.
  • Your name should be scalable and allow room for growth. If you decide to take on a new area, service, product or activity in the future, will your name still be relevant?
  • What impression do you want to create? What do you want your client to feel or think when he / she hears your name? Does it fit in with your image and branding?
  • When testing various names, write down a few feelings or adjectives which the name makes you feel (or what you think your clients will feel). Does the name describe you, your service or your product accurately? What does it represent? How will others interpret it?
  • Is it relevant to your type of clientele in your niche / target market?
  • What words best describe what you want your clients to feel after working with you? Is there still a good fit?
  • What image does it create if you combine a business name with your actual name? Including your own name makes it more personal, but perhaps that’s not the image you want to create. Perhaps you want to create the impression that your business is larger than what it really is. What if you decide to look for a partner in the future or want to scale your business – will your personal name or alternative name you choose still be relevant?
  • If you’re living in a country where not only English is the spoken language, is your name good in English as well as in the additional language? How would you translate it, or would you keep the name as is, even in another language. Today English is often considered “being with it” even if it’s not the native tongue where your business will be operating
  • Think of a name which will be appropriate to also use for your website or landing page
  • Is the name catchy? Does it create a BUZZ?

Ask others what they feel or think of when you mention your name. However, remember that whilst you’re likely to receive a range of opinions, at the end of the day, you gotta also trust your gut!

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