Are you working IN your Business or ON your Business – or BOTH

During times of challenge, many opportunities arise. Often we don’t initially see this. Sometimes it takes a time just like this to make a change, and to discover elements about yourself or your business which, in regular times, you may not have had the time, nor interest to develop.

Ask yourself what opportunities you can develop? What changes can you make which will make a difference? AS a business owner, instead of being so busy working IN your business, or if you’re not able to work IN your business during COVID-19 (or any other reason) – take the time to Work ON your business!

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s important to always find a balance between working IN and ON our business. Not only during lockdown or any other crisis. And that’s where business owners – especially small business owners who perhaps don’t have/allocate a budget to outsource or to hire employees – often need assistance.

On a day to day basis we’re often so busy putting out daily “fires” and attending to the “must do” activities / tasks on our plates that we don’t have / create the time for the essential or extra elements. And that’s the difference. We may not have the time, but we need to create the time. Like with other priorities in our life. Strategic planning, social media marketing, tracking your numbers, long-term budgeting, writing articles, creating videos, etc.

I’m in regular contact with many wonderful business owners. And some of them are frozen at this exact moment. Now is the perfect time! Your office is closed and you’re not allowed to see clients? Business is down as your clients are having smaller events and don’t require your services? Your client no longer has a budget for your product or service for the next 3 months? And the list goes on…

Many people become frozen when a situation changes. Especially when it’s a drastic change, like what most of us faced at the start of COVID-19 or with any other major or minor change in our lives. Take those few “frozen” moments if you must, then for your own sake, as well as your business’s sake, write a list of alternatives and what you CAN still work on, even if you are unable to work in your business. A very large part of it is your mindset. Your mind / emotions will directly affect what you physically undertake to do or start.

Working IN your Business = Execution (day to day tasks & responsibilities)

Working ON your Business = Strategy & Development

Ask yourself in any given day or week – What did I do TODAY to work IN my business? What did I do TODAY to work ON my business? Because remember… Today’s activities are tomorrow’s profits. The labor of today will bring you the fruits of tomorrow!

© Lesley Kaplan is passionate about life and enhancing people & processes. She assists businesses, organizations & individuals in improving their results with consulting, coaching, training & development, promotion, sales, strategy and branding. She is the Founder & CEO of “L.A.K. Creations & Consulting” and “Build Your Biz with Lesley Kaplan”.