Customer Experience vs Customer Service

Customer Business concept

Most businesses (we hope!) aim for great customer service. Or do they? How about aiming for a great customer experience?

What’s the difference between creating great customer service vs creating a great customer experience for your clients?

Customer service usually requires the customer (client) to initiate the process via a question, inquiry or complaint. They visit your website or social media pages. They hear about you or read your articles or posts. They make contact with you. They enter (virtually or physically) your store.

Customer experience on the other hand, incorporates customer service, but is also a lot more. It’s the feeling, the “taste”, the “smell” your clients receive from BEFORE they even make contact with you, from the moment they know you exist, throughout their contact / experience with you, and the after-service. It’s the overall impression they receive from experiencing your business and from interacting with you.

So how do we aim for a GREAT customer experience?

We all aim for satisfied clients. However, satisfied is not enough. Our aim should be to have loyal clients, and even more than that, clients who advocate for us and give recommendations of our products / service to others. The difference between a satisfied and loyal client is simple. A satisfied client may have been happy with your service / product. However, they may not be loyal. The moment they see a similar service / product elsewhere which meets their needs, they’ll “defect” to the competition, especially if the price is lower.

That’s why it’s essential for you to communicate your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to your client. i.e. What makes you different? How you differ from someone else who seemingly offers something similar to you. What’s your added value? Remember…No two people, services or products are the same. We all have a unique personality & way of communicating or relating to clients. Both may be great. Some however simply connect better with one service provider or product over the other. It’s especially important not to compete on pricing alone. Make your client aware of your USP. You may know it… but do they?

So how do we aim for loyal clients, or one step further, for clients who advocate for us? By providing a superb client experience – time after time! From even before they enter your funnel, throughout their journey, and afterwards too.

It’s all about relationship-building and not about a once-off sale!

You want to stay top-of-mind with your clients as well as provide that great experience before, during and after. However, not in a way where you spam them. Provide them with value, give and ask for feedback, remember your conversations with them, remember special events. Send them updates, make them feel special. Make them feel unique at each touchpoint they have with you. Create an emotional connection with them, understand their needs and how you can solve their pain point.

And most important… Be yourself! Be genuine!

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