Two subsidized individual Business Coaching sessions online from the comfort of your home… or face-to-face. Your choice!

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Small business owner…

Have you adapted to this new world of ours? Are you trying new things? Have you reinvented yourself? Or have your buried your head in the sand, waiting for things to improve & to get back to the way things were?

6 Session “Pick-me-up and Boost your Biz” Workshop. Join at any stage & receive worksheets & slides from previous sessions

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Great Business Development Opportunity!

Small business owner? Are you feeling fear, anxiety, uncertainty, dread or panic right now? Or perhaps some of the above, but also partial excitement due to new things you’ve started during this period? Has this period made you stronger, better & more creative? Or has it weakened you & you’re not sure where you stand? Are you thinking of reducing your monthly or annual goals… Or do you believe you can make up what you perhaps lost during this time?