Discovering Instagram. What is Instagram? We will discuss the power of Instagram, working with Instagram Influencers, and we’ll learn actionable tips to improve your Instagram account for your business.

Sunday MORNING July 12th, 2020 LIVE at AACI Jerusalem : 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. The LIVE event is full. Join us live by Zoom! Register here by Friday, July 10th to receive the Zoom link

Two subsidized individual Business Coaching sessions online from the comfort of your home!

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Small business owner? Thinking of starting a business?

Take advantage of two 60 minute subsidized business coaching sessions to get you started (or started again if you’re looking to boost your business or reinvent yourself following COVID-19). 

Brainstorming your Goals

By brainstorming & writing down all the possible ways of reaching your goals, makes it more possible to reach them. This short clip explains how it’s done.

6 Session “Pick-me-up and Boost your Biz” Workshop. Join at any stage & receive worksheets & slides from previous sessions

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Great Business Development Opportunity!

Small business owner? Are you feeling fear, anxiety, uncertainty, dread or panic right now? Or perhaps some of the above, but also partial excitement due to new things you’ve started during this period? Has this period made you stronger, better & more creative? Or has it weakened you & you’re not sure where you stand? Are you thinking of reducing your monthly or annual goals… Or do you believe you can make up what you perhaps lost during this time?

Managing Challenges & Getting more done – especially now!


We all face challenges at some time or another. Some of us manage these challenges better than others, and granted, not all of us face equal challenges at any given time. In addition, some of us have developed better coping mechanisms over the years than others.

Challenging times like what we’re facing now in COVID-19 are new to us all! 

Let this challenging time be put to good use! Let’s grow from the process! Let’s utilize this time correctly! And most important, stay healthy!

Here are some tips & thoughts which will assist you in not only managing challenges, but which will also give you direction in how to get things done!

Setting and Achieving your goals with S.M.A.R.T. goals


Do you set goals and not manage to achieve them all? By using S.M.A.R.T. goals you’ll not only increase the chance of you achieving them, but you’ll increase your confidence to then move beyond your comfort zone & set even larger goals.

SMART goals